National Commission on Farmers: Composition, Mandate

The National Commission on Farmers (NCF) has great significance since its inception. Its major aim is to benefit the farmer’s community in this country.

This Commission has played several active roles to guide Indian farmers to organize them for an additional productivity and output through applying the innovating farming options. Creation of National Commission on Farmers was a big leap on November 18, 2004 through which the Indian Government offered a right platform to all agriculturalists for the better accessibility in the farming sector.

Many scholars such as Professor M.S Swaminathan were assigned to lead this Commission as its chairman. The Commission was mandated to work as an observatory body which could suggest proper advices through keeping in consideration multiple priorities from the government’s Common Minimum Program and for the opportunities for a concrete outcome of steps taken.


Once the National Commission on Farmers was formally recognized, Commission’s body was composed for its functioning. It was designed with the following hierarchical arrangement:

  1. Commission Chairman
  2. Full-time Members of the Commission
  3. Part-time Members of the Commission
  4. Member Secretary of the Commission


The government mandated the National Commission on Farmers to perform its role as an autonomous body and to do the broad research on the issues which are related to the farmers and offer good solution of problems they were facing in entire country.

Some of the important mandates are mentioned below:

  1. Plan an all-inclusive medium-term strategy to ensure that there is best food and nutrition security options for the farmers.
  2. Workout suggestions and advises for effective techniques that could ease the productivity enhancement through maximum profitability options and to make things stable.
  3. Steps to take for sustaining the major farming systems in the whole country.
  4. Taking steps which collaborate between technology and public policy for the better farming outcomes.
  5. The Commission to suggest perfect measures which attract and retain the well qualified youths in the farming sector.

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