University Grants Commission: Establishment, responsibilities

University Grants Commission (UGC) was established to augment educational system in India and especially to boost university system in the country for overall growth of higher education.

This body has suggested several improvements in the university system and works extensively to bring the institutions of higher repute into order through constant reforms and by development initiatives.

Central Government established the autonomous statutory body, UGC in 1956 to restructure the university system in the country.

This body has been given special powers to take important decisions from thorough coordination to taking steps for reforms in the education system. UGC takes the steps to determine and maintain university education standards for that its team involves in various stages of inspections in the universities besides providing total support to them.

Important role of UGC is to provide the timely recognition of Indian universities. This body involves in the university system through funding them and the colleges which are recognized by the government. It operates from the headquarters in New Delhi besides Pune, Bhopal, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Guwahati and Bangalore based regional centres.

Formal inauguration of UGC was held by the then Education, Natural Resources & Scientific Research Minister, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on December 28, 1953 but formal establishment of UGC was held in November 1956. It was constituted under an Act of the Parliament in the year 1956. It has been setup as a crucial body to work as statutory Government body for the reforms.

With its development, UGC had been mandated to work on various grounds to promote education system in the country for those recommendations were suggested before country’s independence in 1945.

The Commission has been given major roles to supervise the functioning of central and state level universities besides all the colleges working under the government.

It works with a Committee system and is entirely entrusted to look into the many affairs of the university education system of the country. It also suggests guidelines for the existing universities and plans for the formation of new ones after systematic research about the need and need fulfilment options. Unique features of UGC functioning is its distinct approach for giving grant to the universities.

Main responsibilities of UGC

  1. Provide funds to the universities for their overall growth and development.
  2. Helping out the universities for better coordination & maintenance for the fullest of educational standardization as institutions of higher repute.
  3. Methodical promotion and best possible coordination for university education system in the country.
  4. Ensuring that the teaching, examination and research initiatives are well maintained as per the standards set.
  5. UGC must frames proper guideline to maintain education standard through keeping in view minimum standard level.
  6. Proper supervision of all sorts of developments in higher education in the universities and colleges and for that it offers them grants for support.
  7. This independent body works as an important link which coordinates between the Central and State governments as far as maintaining higher level learning institutes are concerned.
  8. Guidance and advisory role for the Central and State governments to take the initiative to improve the education system in the country.
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