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Anna Bhagya Scheme of Karnataka


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Prelims level: Annna Bhagya Scheme

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anna bhagya

Central Idea

  • The government in Karnataka is facing challenges in procuring rice for its ambitious Anna Bhagya scheme.
  • However, there is a ray of hope as Punjab has agreed in-principle to supply the required quantity of rice.

What is Anna Bhagya Scheme?

  • The state government plans to enhance the free rice allocation per person in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) card from 5 kg to 10 kg.
  • The scheme is estimated to cost the exchequer ₹840 crore monthly and ₹10,092 crore annually.
  • It is scheduled to be launched on July 1.

Challenges Faced

  • The Food Corporation of India (FCI) initially agreed to provide the required 2.28 lakh tonnes of rice but later refused to do so.
  • Telangana and Andhra Pradesh expressed inability to supply, while Chhattisgarh government offered to supply 1.5 lakh tonnes.
  • Karnataka is now searching for rice in other states and aims to purchase it at ₹34 per kg.

Consideration of Alternative Grains:

  • If needed, the state may provide 2 kg of either ragi or jowar, which would last for six months.
  • However, the government still needs to supply an additional 3 kg of rice on top of the existing 5 kg allocation.

Punjab’s Offer

  • The Punjab government expressed willingness to supply rice to Karnataka in the federal spirit.
  • Punjab has enough rice and wants to help mitigate the problems faced by the poor across the country.

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