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Dhawan-1: India’s first privately developed Cryogenic Rocket


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Dhawan-1

Mains level: Space startups in India

Skyroot Aerospace successfully tested Dhawan-1 last month. It became the country’s first privately developed fully cryogenic rocket engine.


  • The indigenous engine was developed using 3D printing with a superalloy.
  • It runs on two high-performance rocket propellants — liquid natural gas (LNG) and liquid oxygen (LoX).
  • This was after successfully designing and developing the solid propulsion rocket engine, the first private firm in the country to do so.

Other projects by Skyroot

  • Skyroot is working simultaneously on different stages of both solid propulsion and liquid propulsion engines.
  • It is named after eminent scientists, like Kalam (Abdul Kalam) series for the former and Dhawan (Satish Dhawan).
  • The launch vehicles are named after Vikram Sarabhai.


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