Banking Sector Reforms

Enhanced Access and Service Excellence (EASE) 3.0


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: EASE 3.0

Mains level: Ease and data-driven PSBs



Union Finance minister has released Enhanced Access and Service Excellence (EASE) 3.0, the new reform agenda for tech-enabled banking.

EASE 3.0

  • EASE 3.0 aims at providing smart, tech-enabled public sector banking experience for aspiring India, by establishing paperless and digitally-enabled banking at places where people visit the most such as malls, stations etc.
  • With EASE 3.0, the government is trying to enhance the customer experience with the introduction of features like Dial-a-loan, credit at a click, alternate-data-based lending or other analytics-based credit offers.

Various features

  • Palm Banking for “End-to-end digital delivery of financial service
  • “Banking on Go” via EASE banking outlets at frequently visited spots like malls, stations, complexes, and campuses
  • Digitalizing the experience at public sector bank branches

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