Forest Conservation Efforts – NFP, Western Ghats, etc.

Highlights of the Seoul Forest Declaration


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : World Forestry Congress, Seoul Declaration

Mains level : Not Much

The participants from 141 countries gathered in person and online at the 15th World Forestry Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea adopted the Seoul Forest Declaration.

Seoul Forest Declaration

  • Shared responsibility: The Declaration urges that responsibility for forests should be shared and integrated across institutions, sectors and stakeholders.
  • Increased investment: Investment in forest and landscape restoration globally needs to triple by 2030 to meet internationally agreed commitments and targets on restoring degraded land.
  • Moving towards circular economy: One of the key takeaways was the importance of moving towards a circular bioeconomy and climate neutrality.
  • Innovative green financing mechanisms: To upscale investment in forest conservation, restoration and sustainable use, and highlighted the potential of sustainably produced wood as a renewable, recyclable and versatile material.
  • Decision-making: It urged the continued development and use of emerging innovative technologies and mechanisms to enable evidence-based forest and landscape decision-making.

Other takeaways

  • Close cooperation among nations is needed to address challenges that transcend political boundaries.
  • This was strengthened at the Congress by the launch of new partnerships such as the:
  1. Assuring the Future of Forests with Integrated Risk Management (AFFIRM) Mechanism and
  2. Sustaining an Abundance of Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) Initiative

Back2Basics: World Forestry Congress

  • The first World Forestry Congress first held in Rome in 1926. After that, it is held about every six years by the UN-FAO.
  • In 1954, FAO was entrusted with supporting Congress preparations in close cooperation with the host country and proudly continues to do so today. .
  • It has been providing a forum for inclusive discussion on the key challenges and way forward for the forestry sector.


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