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India can now issue OIML certificates: What this means, its significance


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: OIML (International Organisation of Legal Metrology)

Mains level: Read the attached story

Central Idea

  • India has achieved a significant milestone by becoming a 13th nation as OIML (International Organisation of Legal Metrology) certificate-issuing authority.
  • The other countries are Australia, Switzerland, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden and Slovakia.

Understanding OIML

  • The OIML, established in 1955 and headquartered in Paris, is a renowned international standard-setting body in the field of legal metrology.
  • Its primary role is to develop model regulations, standards, and related documents for use by legal metrology authorities and industries worldwide.
  • These standards are crucial in harmonizing national laws and regulations concerning the performance of measuring instruments, such as clinical thermometers, alcohol breath analyzers, radar speed measuring instruments, ship tanks at ports, and petrol dispensing units.

India’s OIML Membership

  • India became an OIML member in 1956.
  • Simultaneously, India signed the metric convention, emphasizing its commitment to international standards in metrology.

OIML Certificate Significance

  • The OIML-CS (Certificate System) is a globally recognized system for issuing, registering, and using OIML certificates, along with their associated OIML type evaluation/test reports.
  • With India’s inclusion, the number of countries authorized to issue OIML certificates has risen to 13.
  • The OIML certificate is a single document accepted universally.
  • For instance, if an equipment manufacturer in Noida wishes to export their products to the US or any other country, they no longer need to obtain certification from one of the 12 other authorized countries.
  • India’s certification is now globally accepted, facilitating seamless exports and international compliance.

Benefits for the Indian Economy

India’s newfound status as an OIML certificate-issuing authority offers several advantages for the Indian economy:

  • Increased Exports: Indian manufacturers can now export their products with greater ease, reducing trade barriers and expanding their global market reach.
  • Foreign Exchange Earnings: The certification services provided by India will attract neighbouring countries and international manufacturers. This influx of clients seeking certification services will lead to an increase in foreign exchange earnings for India.
  • Employment Generation: To meet the growing demand for certification services, India is expected to witness a surge in employment opportunities in the legal metrology sector.
  • Resource Efficiency: The streamlined certification process will reduce redundancy and save valuable resources, making the certification process more efficient.

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