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India ranks 93 out of 180 countries in Corruption Perceptions Index 2023


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Prelims level : Corruption Perception Index

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  • Transparency International has released its Corruption Perceptions Index for 2023, ranking countries based on their perceived levels of corruption in the public sector.
  • India’s position in the ranking has shifted, but the change is minimal.

About Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI)

Introduction Introduced by Transparency International in 1995.
Frequency Published annually.
Purpose Ranks countries based on perceived corruption.
Data Sources Expert assessments and surveys of business leaders and residents.
Global Impact Widely recognized and used by governments, policymakers, businesses, and researchers.
Data Focus Primarily assesses perceived corruption within government and bureaucracy.


India’s Corruption Scorecard

  • India’s Global Rank: In the 2023 index, India is placed 93rd out of 180 countries, a small decline from its 85th position in 2022.
  • Corruption Score: India’s overall corruption score for 2023 is 39, down slightly from the 40 it scored in 2022.
  • Limited Change: The report highlights that India’s score fluctuations are minor, making it challenging to draw definitive conclusions about any significant changes. However, it points out that there have been actions narrowing civic space in India, including the passage of a telecommunications bill that could threaten fundamental rights.

South Asia’s Corruption Landscape

  • Pakistan and Sri Lanka: In South Asia, Pakistan (133) and Sri Lanka (115) are grappling with debt burdens and political instability. Still, strong judicial oversight in these countries helps keep the government accountable. Pakistan’s Supreme Court expanded citizens’ right to information, while Sri Lanka continues to face a crackdown on the press.
  • Bangladesh: As Bangladesh (149) moves away from its least developed country status and experiences economic growth, it faces challenges in providing public sector information due to a crackdown on the press.

Regional Insights

  • China’s Anti-Corruption Efforts: China (76) has made headlines for its aggressive anti-corruption campaign, resulting in punishments for millions of public officials over the last decade. However, doubts linger about the long-term effectiveness of these measures, which heavily rely on punishment rather than institutional checks.
  • Asia Pacific Region: The report notes that the Asia Pacific region is gearing up for a significant election year in 2024, with several countries holding elections. However, the 2023 CPI suggests little to no meaningful progress in curbing corruption in the region.

Top and Bottom Performers

  • Top-Scoring Countries: Nations like New Zealand (3) and Singapore (5) maintain their positions at the top of the index due to robust corruption control mechanisms. Other countries in the region with strong control measures include Australia (14), Hong Kong (14), Japan (16), Bhutan (26), Taiwan (28), and South Korea (32).
  • Struggling States: The lower end of the index includes fragile states with authoritarian regimes, such as North Korea (172) and Myanmar (162). Afghanistan (162) continues to grapple with one of the worst humanitarian crises in history.

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