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Kodiyal Theru Festival


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Kodiyal Theru

Mains level : NA

The annual Kodiyal Theru car (chariot) festival has begun in Mangalore, Karnataka.

Kodiyal Theru

  • It falls in late January or early February in the Hindu month of Magha.
  • It begins on Tritiya or the third day of the bright moon and ends on the seventh to be followed by Holi (Okuli) after the festival.
  • For these six days, the Car Festival rules in the Car Street in front of the Venkatramana Temple in Mangalore.
  • The Festival begins with the Dwajarohana or hoisting of the ‘flag’ – actually a framed picture of Garuda.
  • This is done ceremoniously on the first day of the festival amidst the clanging of bells and the reverberation of drumbeats.
  • The Garuda stays aloft for the rest of the festival until he is again lowered in an equally ceremonial manner on the day of the Holi and this is the concluding event of the festival.


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