Terrorism and Challenges Related To It

Narco-Terrorism and Manipur Violence


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Golden Triangle , Golden Crescent

Mains level: Narco-terrorism and associated violence

manipur narco

Central Idea

  • A civil society organization has written a letter to the European Parliament (EP) expressing concerns over the portrayal of violence in Manipur as a religious conflict.
  • It ascertains that the ongoing violence is not a religious issue but rather fueled by narco-terrorism and illegal settlements.
  • The organization highlighted the dangers of Manipur becoming a new Golden Triangle, a notorious drug trafficking corridor in Southeast Asia.

Golden Triangle Reference to Manipur

  • Golden Triangle: The Golden Triangle is a well-known area spanning China, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand, notorious for opium poppy cultivation and drug trafficking.
  • Chin-Kuki and Meitei Communities: Manipur is home to various ethnic groups, with the Kukis being the third-largest community, after the non-tribal Meiteis and the tribal Nagas. The ethnically-related Chins are primarily from Myanmar, and some have allegedly settled illegally in Manipur over the years.

manipur golden triangle

Rise of Narco-Terrorism in India

  • Golden Crescent Influence: India’s proximity to the “Golden Crescent” provides easy access to narcotics from Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan.
  • Cross-Border Connections: India shares borders with countries known for their involvement in drug trafficking, such as Pakistan.
  • Financing Mechanism: Socioeconomic factors like poverty and unemployment contribute to the involvement of individuals in the drug trade.
  • Corruption and Weak Law Enforcement: Corruption within law enforcement agencies facilitates drug trafficking operations, especially in Punjab.
  • High Profits and Demand: The lucrative nature of the drug trade makes it an attractive revenue source for terrorist organizations.
  • Transnational Networks: Transnational drug syndicates collaborate with terrorist groups, enabling the flow of drugs and funding for terrorist activities.

Security Implications of Narco-Terrorism

  • Criminalization of Youth: Drug trafficking and abuse lead to increased crime, violence, and corruption within communities.
  • Public Health Concerns: Drug addiction and related health issues pose significant challenges to public health systems.
  • Threat to National Security: The linkages between drug trafficking networks and terrorist organizations create a complex security environment.
  • Drain on Resources: Combating narco-terrorism requires substantial human resources, equipment, and funding.

Efforts to Combat Narco-Terrorism

  • Rehabilitation Programs and Counselling Centers: Government-funded drug rehabilitation measures and counselling centres are established across all districts.
  • Operation Sadbhavana: The Indian Army conducts de-addiction counselling centres and awareness camps to combat drug addiction.
  • Nasha Mukt J&K Campaign: The campaign aims to make J&K drug-free, with a zero-tolerance policy against narcotics. The same should be replicated in North East.

Recommendations to Curb Narco-Terrorism

  • Strengthening ED: The Enforcement Directorate’s jurisdiction should be improved to monitor terrorist financing and money laundering.
  • Anti-Drone Technology: Enhance anti-drone technology along the Line of Control and international borders to counter drug trafficking via drones.

Way Forward

  • Community Engagement and Rehabilitation: Focus on community awareness, education, and rehabilitation programs.
  • Target Financing Networks: Strengthen efforts to track and disrupt financing networks supporting narco-terrorism.
  • Cross-Border Intelligence Sharing: Strengthen intelligence-sharing mechanisms with countries affected by drug trafficking.
  • De-radicalization: Implement sustainable economic development programs to provide alternatives to communities involved in the drug trade.

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