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Operation Twist


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Op Twist, Yeild Curve

Mains level : Open Market Operations by RBI

RBI is set to conduct ‘Operation Twist’ i.e. it will buy and sale government securities worth ₹10,000 crore each under its open market operations — a move aimed at managing the yields.

Why such a move?

Experts had suggested unconventional steps like this operation by the central bank as policy rate cuts are unable to bring down the bank lending rates proportionately.

What are Open Market Operations?

  • Open market operations are the sale and purchase of government securities and treasury bills by RBI or the central bank of the country.
  • The objective of OMO is to regulate the money supply in the economy.
  • When the RBI wants to increase the money supply in the economy, it purchases the government securities from the market and it sells government securities to suck out liquidity from the system.
  • OMO is one of the tools that RBI uses to smoothen the liquidity conditions through the year and minimise its impact on the interest rate and inflation rate levels.

Operation Twist

  • Operation Twist is a move taken by U.S. Federal Reserve in 2011-12 to make long-term borrowing cheaper.
  • It first appeared in 1961 as a way to strengthen the U.S. dollar and stimulate cash flow into the economy.
  • It is the name given to a Federal Reserve monetary policy operation that involves the purchase and sale of bonds.
  • The operation describes a form of monetary policy where the bank buys and sells short-term and long-term bonds depending on their objective.

Its genesis

  • The name “Operation Twist” was given by the mainstream media due to the visual effect that the monetary policy action was expected to have on the shape of the yield curve.
  • If we visualize a linear upward sloping yield curve, this monetary action effectively “twists” the ends of the yield curve, hence, the name Operation Twist.
  • To put another way, the yield curve twists when short-term yields go up and long-term interest rates drop at the same time.


Yield Curve

  • A yield curve is a line that plots yields (interest rates) of bonds having equal credit quality but differing maturity dates.
  • The slope of the yield curve gives an idea of future interest rate changes and economic activity.https://www.thehindu.com/business/markets/rbi-to-conduct-operation-twist-to-manage-yields-on-dec-23/article30351441.ece
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