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Panch prans for better India


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : NA

Mains level : Challenges of future.


  • PM Modi’s Independence Day speech outlined agenda for a radical transformation of society and nation.

What are 5 resolves given by PM?

  • Take pride in India’s history.
  • The power of unity.
  • Duties of citizens, such as those of the PM and CMs.
  • Advance with greater conviction and the determination of a developed India.
  • Get rid of any signs of slavery.

Detail analysis 5 resolves of pm

(1)First pran: The first pran is about inculcating a culture of thinking big and at scale.

  • The first vow is for the country to move ahead with a big resolve. And that big resolution is of a developed India; and now we should not settle for anything less than that. Big resolution!
  • Some examples include the world’s largest financial inclusion programme, the largest vaccination drive, the largest health insurance programme and the largest social security schemes.

(2)Second pran: The second Pran is that in no part of our existence, not even in the deepest corners of our mind or habits should there be any ounce of slavery. It should be nipped there itself.

  • Now, 100 per cent this slavery of hundreds of years has kept us bound, has forced us to keep our emotions tied up, have developed distorted thinking in us.
  • We have to liberate ourselves from the slavery mind set which is visible in innumerable things within and around us. This is our second Pran Shakti.

(3)Third pran: The third Pran is that we should feel proud of our heritage and legacy.

  • Since it is this same legacy which had given India its golden period in the past. And it is this legacy that has an innate capability of transforming itself with time.
  • It is this rich heritage that transcends tests of tide and times. It embraces the new. And hence we should be proud of this heritage.

(4)Fourth pran: Fourth pran which is equally important is unity and solidarity.

  • Amongst 130 million countrymen when there is harmony and bonhomie, unity becomes its strongest virtue.
  • “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” – is one of the unifying initiatives to actuate the dream of the fourth Pran.

(5)Fifth pran: Fifth Pran is the duty of the citizens, in which even the Prime Minister, Chief Minister cannot be an exclusion.

  • As they are also responsible citizens and have a duty towards the nation. This virtue is going to be the vital life force if we want to achieve the dreams we have for the next 25 years.

Challenges before India in next 25 years

  • Skill development and employment for the future: workforce According to the World Economic Forum’s report “The Future of Jobs 2018”, more than half of Indian workers will require reskilling by 2022 to meet the talent demands of the future. They will each require an extra 100 days of learning, on average.
  • Socioeconomic inclusion of rural India: By 2030, 40% of Indians will be urban residents. However, there will also be more than 5,000 small urban towns (50,000-100,000 persons each) and more than 50,000 developed rural towns (5,000-10,000 persons each) with similar income profiles, where aspirations are fast converging with those of urban India.
  • A healthy and sustainable future: As India marches forward, it faces new challenges in health and sustainable living, even as it has achieved key health targets such as polio eradication.


  • The nation should now only be setting big goals. That big goal is a developed India and nothing less.

Mains question

Q. What are the challenges India will face in next 25 years? Discuss the panch pran resolves of PM showing how they will address these challenges.

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