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Places in news: Nathu La


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Nathu La Pass

Mains level: Not Much

nathu la

Several people have been killed and many others are feared trapped under snow after a massive avalanche near Sikkim’s Nathu La Mountain pass.

Nathu La Pass

Location Sikkim, on the border between India and China
Altitude 4,310 meters (14,140 ft)
Importance Historical Silk Route
Trade Reopened in 2006 for border trade between India and China
Restrictions Only for Indian and Chinese nationals with a valid visa
Connectivity Connects the Indian state of Sikkim with the Tibet Autonomous Region of China
Military importance Strategic importance in the Sino-Indian War of 1962
Tourism Restricted due to the sensitive nature of the region
Weather Harsh and unpredictable, with heavy snowfall in winter months
Border dispute The pass was closed by China after the 1962 war and was reopened only after the Chinese president visited India in 2003.


How has it been at the centre stage of India-China disputes?

  • Sino-Indian War: In 1962, Nathu La pass was a battleground between the Indian and Chinese armies during the Sino-Indian War. The conflict resulted in casualties on both sides, with China ultimately capturing the pass.
  • Skirmishes in 1967: In 1967, there were several minor skirmishes between the Indian and Chinese armies near Nathu La pass. The conflict was resolved through diplomatic negotiations.
  • Standoff in 2017: In 2017, there was a 73-day-long standoff between the Indian and Chinese armies near the Doklam plateau, which is close to Nathu La pass. The dispute was over the construction of a road by China in the disputed area. The standoff ended with both sides agreeing to disengage.

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