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PRISM: 24-hr hotline for MPs Research


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: PRISM Hotline

Mains level: NA

Central Idea

  • Lok Sabha Speaker has established ‘PRISM’ a 24-hour research reference telephone hotline for Members of Parliament (MPs) to provide assistance with policy issues.

What is PRISM?

  • The Parliamentary Research and Information Support for Members of Parliament (PRISM) offers round-the-clock services, including weekends during Parliament Sessions.
  • It aims to support first-term MPs and those without extensive secretarial teams who may find it daunting to speak in Parliament on policy matters.
  • A team of 30-32 officers serves on the hotline on a rotational basis to provide research and reference support.

Usage and Enquiries

  • Between 2019 and 2023, 87% of MPs have utilized either online or offline reference services, which are also shared through WhatsApp and email.
  • Enquiries mainly focused on bills such as the Juvenile Justice Bill, Wildlife Protection Bill, and short-duration discussions on topics like climate change, drug abuse, and price rise.

Need for PRISM

  • First-term MPs often face challenges when asked to speak on bills without extensive research support.
  • The hotline and reference services have proven invaluable in assisting MPs, allowing them to contribute effectively to debates and discussions.
  • The initiative has particularly aided MPs who may not be proficient in English or Hindi, enabling them to raise pertinent issues in Parliament.


  • Parliament can be a fragmented environment, with various cliques and clubs forming over the years.
  • Backbenchers, in particular, often spend much time in obscurity.
  • The research and reference services provided by PRISM can make these years on the backbench more productive by facilitating informed participation in policy debates.


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