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Prelims level: Adi cascade

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Making of check dams on streams and removal of boulders may wipe out the local population of Adi cascade frogs (Amolops adicola), a recently discovered species in Arunachal Pradesh, scientists claimed.

About Adi cascade

  • The species was discovered while revisiting a century-old Adi expedition in 2018 and named after the land of the Adi tribe where the frogs dwell, particularly post-monsoon.
  • The call of the frog is quite unique with continuous notes almost like a cricket.
  • They are delivered at very short intervals, not long call groups — giving an impression of being continuous: A typical call lasts 485.2 milliseconds.
  • The species is predominantly found in open riverine landscapes and human-inhabited rural areas.
  • Males were mostly observed on tree saplings, fern fronds, and banana plants in and around the cultivated land.
  • Locally known as Juri (stream) Tatik (frog) — is considered a local delicacy.

What are Cascade Frogs?

  • The nomenclature ‘cascade frogs’ draws on their preference for small waterfalls.
  • Cascade frogs, in general, depend on the flow of water.
  • Both adults and tadpoles of Adi cascade frogs, the species in question, are particularly adapted to fast flowing sections of stream.

Rich biodiversity of Arunachal

  • Arunachal, a biodiversity hotspot, is home to many endemics, endangered and threatened species as well as to indigenous people who depend on its biological resources.
  • The Forest Survey of India in 2019 estimated that Arunachal had 66,688 sq km of forests — 79.6 per cent of the state’s area.
  • Global Forest Watch, however, estimated the forests cover at 74 per cent of its total land area.


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