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Prelims level: Miss Kerala

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A section of aquarists and ornamental fish breeders are surprised that the Denison barb (Miss Kerala), a native freshwater fish species commonly found in parts of Karnataka and Kerala, has been included in Schedule I of the Wild Life Protection Act, 1982 (amendment bill).

Miss Kerala

  • Miss Kerala is also known as Denison barb, red-line torpedo barb and roseline shark.
  • Its scientific name is Sahyadria denisonii.
  • The fish is featured with red and black stripes on its body.
  • It is found in the States of Kerala and Karnataka.
  • It has been listed on the IUCN Redlist as Vulnerable, in 2010.
  • This species is known to inhabit fast-flowing hill streams and is often found in rocky pools with thick vegetation along river banks.

Why included in Schedule I of WPA?

  • Ironically, its beauty is the biggest threat to its survival, as it is highly sought-after in the international aquarium trade, constituting 60 – 65% of the total live ornamental fish exported from India.
  • Its numbers are also decreasing owing to habitat degradation due to deforestation, mining, agriculture, urban expansion and hydro-electric projects.


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