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Species in news: White-Cheeked Macaque


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In an important discovery, scientists have recorded presence of White-Cheeked Macaque (Macaca leucogenys) from central Arunachal Pradesh.

White-Cheeked Macaque

  • White- Cheeked Macaques are distinct from other macaques found in the region by displaying white cheeks, long and thick hairs on the neck area, and a longer tail.
  • The species was discovered in 2015 by a group of Chinese scientists from the Modog region in southeastern Tibet.
  • This discovery was considered a significant breakthrough as far as primates are concerned.

Existence in India

  • From India, the species has not been sighted or reported after a single incidence of photographic capture from Anjaw district, Arunachal Pradesh in 2015.
  • The number of these mammals reported from India stands at 434.
  • The significance of the discovery is that it marks a new addition to mammals of India.

Protection status

  • It has NOT been yet included in the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 of India.
  • The potential threat to all species of macaques in the landscape is due to hunting by locals for consumption and habitat degradation due to urbanization and infrastructure development.


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