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What is Raychaudhuri Equation?


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Prelims level : Raychaudhuri Equation

Mains level : Not Much

The Raychaudhuri Equation in General Relativity, derived by Raychaudhuri is in the spotlight after 2020 Physics Nobel was awarded to Penrose for throwing light on Black Holes.

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Q.The Raychaudhuri Equation is sometimes seen in news is related to:

Artificial Intelligence/Cloud Computing/Quantum Mechanics/Space Sciences

What is Raychaudhuri Equation?

  • Raychaudhuri (1923–2005) was an Indian physicist, known for his research in general relativity and cosmology.
  • In general relativity, the Raychaudhuri equation is a fundamental result describing the motion of nearby bits of matter.
  • It was discovered independently by the Indian physicist Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri and the Soviet physicist Lev Landau.
  • The equation offers a simple and general validation of our intuitive expectation that gravitation should be a universal attractive force between any two bits of mass-energy in general relativity, as it is in Newton’s theory of gravitation.
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