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Yaoshang festival begins in Manipur


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Yaoshang Festival

Mains level: NA


The Yaoshang festival, which is Manipur’s version of Holi, has begun.

Yaoshang Festival

  • Yaoshang festival is celebrated every year on the full moon of Lamta (February-March) of the Meitei lunar calendar.
  • It begins just after sunset followed by Yaosang Mei thaba, also known as Burning of the Straw Hut.
  • Children visit neighbours to ask for monetary donations, called nakatheng.
  • Yaoshang, unlike Holi, is celebrated with a traditional twist in Manipur.
  • During these five days, Manipur comes alive with sporting events during the day and traditional “thabal chongba” dance in the night.

Key feature: Thabal Chongba Dance

  • The thabal chongba is a traditional dance of the Meitei, where boys and girls gathered in an open ground and dance in a circle.
  • But these days thabal chongba is performed throughout the month of Lamta.




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