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ODISHA, Contemporary name of the ancient kingdom of KALINGA,the Cultural heritage State of India is rich in history, culture, architectural masterpiece, temples, wildlife, natural resource and a large coastline.

This thread especially for aspirants having ODISHA as home state or in any way related to it.
I will be posting stuffs more oriented to OPSC Services Exams syllabus (for both Prelims and Mains)and those are necessary for UPSC.
Following topics will be focussed:-
->State Specific Schemes and other important State Govt Decisions
->Tourism and Culture
->Unique practices (GI Tags news etc OR some innovative techniques example: GI of rasogulla win by odisha over W.B. )
->History of ODISHA
->Tribes of ODISHA

Comments from @root

  • – This is the official thread for Odisha’s Current Affairs
  • – The thread is moderated by the owner and his/ her peers from the same state. What to expect here?
  • – State Specific Schemes and Initiatives (helps in GS answers and essays)
  • – Culture related stuff in news (helps you learn the static history part when the festival is celebrated + some additional info)
  • – Unique practices (GI Tags news etc OR some innovative techniques)
  • – Governance initiatives (some case study/ news of in-service officers)
  • – Anything which escapes the national conscience in general due to bias media coverage

Why do we need separate threads for each state?


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