[Ethics Case Studies] Emotional Intelligence

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Paper 4 | Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude | Emotional intelligence- concepts, and their utilities and application in administration and governance


This initiative is a part of Target Mains programme for Mains 2017.

You can post your answers in the comment section. But mentor review of answers will not be available. Just like various other CD community initiatives, this will also be a peer-to-peer review exercise.

Model answers are available below in PDF format and can be used for personal evaluation.

Question 1:

You are heading a disaster relief volunteer team in a district which has witnessed flood on a large level. The floods have caused huge losses. It has been five days since your team is working day and night. Your team, at this point of time is highly exhausted.

Why do such operations loose energy and enthusiasm after some period?

Which qualities of the person heading the operation are tested?

How will you motivate the team to work in such a situation? Discuss the various options.


Question 2:

You are posted as a police officer. You get a call reporting a road accident where two persons are severely injured. When you reach the accident place, the persons are lying unconscious. You instantly arrange an ambulance for them. However, when lodging the FIR when you ask people present at the site of the accident to be a witness, nobody comes forward.

Do you think the state has failed to provide protection to such witnesses?

What actions do you suggest to protect the interests of good Samaritans in case of road accidents?


Question 3:

You are posted in a district as DM. The agriculture sector has been hit severely this year in your district due to bad rains. There has been an increase in farmers’ deaths due to suicide. Due to this crisis faced by farmers, there is a protest on the main highway passing through the district.

During the protest, two innocent farmers got killed by a bullet fired by police. They were the sole bread earning members in their families. This made the situation more intense. People have blocked the highway and are sitting
with the dead bodies.

How will you pacify the crowd? What are the various options before you? Discuss them with their merits and demerits suggesting which course of action will you take and why?

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