Perseverance is rewarded. Make improvement, not excuses – Abhijit Ray, AIR 50, UPSC 2021 | CD mentorship and Samachar Manthan Student | Get his notes and mentorship call

“We must never forget the lonely non-glamorous long hard work behind success”. It’s not a success story of ‘Proving’. It’s a story of ‘Improving’.

Abhijit Ray was one of the mentorship and Samachar Manthan students under Sajal sir. After losing the first 3 attempts, he strongly realized that it’s a foolish act to overestimate yourself and think that even a non-serious effort will take you through. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance

Current affairs are indispensable for every stage of the UPSC exam. Understanding the importance of current affairs is just one part of the UPSC puzzle. To solve the whole puzzle, there is no substitute for Samachar Manthan.

About Abhijit- His UPSC journey + Hobbies

NameAbhijit Ray
RankAIR 50
No. of Attempts4
Attempt in 2018couldn’t clear Prelims
2019failed prelims again
2020couldn’t clear Mains
2021AIR-50. Get on the Final Merit list.
Optional SubjectAnthropology (in all the attempts)
HobbyComposing Poem & recreational cycling

Before getting to Samachar Manthan under Sajal Sir in 2021. He had been facing failure consistently. He said that he couldn’t figure out the necessary things which are highly required to work on.

He came to know about Sajal Sir’s Samachar Manthan. As soon as he heard, he connected with Sajal Sir and joined without losing any more seconds.

👉Samachar Manthan Mentorship Call

In 2020, after joining SM, he received the remedial current affairs studies he had been looking for for 3 years. He attributed his success to the remedial advice of Sajal Sir under Samachar Manthan.

  • CD’s team led by Sajal sir and Sudhanshu sir is there to provide handholding support all through your UPSC journey. Increased interaction with the faculty and teachers from Civilsdaily will help you align your preparation and make it more relevant. You can reach out to Sajal sir and other teachers on Habitat.
  • Program’s focus is on conceptual clarity, simplicity, relevance, and making interlinkages between current affairs and basic/static part of the syllabus.
  • Awesome mentorship-hand holding support.
  • Sajal Sir’s guidance got him 10 times more likely to prepare for current affairs linking with the static part in a very short time. 
  • Next-level evaluation of answers helped him a lot to fetch more scores in all GS papers.
  •  CA Resource consolidation on Prelims and Mains’ Preparation.
  • An ecosystem for co-learning and active learning.

For ultimate success what matters is an ecosystem for co-learning and active learning together learning, doubt clearing, notes, references, mentors, and a focussed community. You’re going to learn and discuss like never before. 

He improved his marks drastically in this 2021 Mains. In a candid conversation with Siddhart sir, Abhijit shared his journey, motivations, up and downs, lessons learned, and his secret of what kept him going. Listen to his story.

Abhijit believes whether it is UPSC prelims or Mains, to clear both stages it is your performance in that matters. Other than this “ need clarity of vision”, says Abhijit, to keep yourself determined to your goal.

It is yet another validation of CivilsDaily’s vision and approach to personalized mentorship.

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