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The title doesn’t confirm any actual historical event, as all the three great thinkers belong to different times & spaces altogether. But it did happen in the Civilsdaily’s Habitat universe. Interlinking of different topics/ideas/thinkers is the demand for any optional paper, and more so for PSIR. 

We are here with yet another innovation. Not boasting okay! but we have actually re-invented learning in general and re-structured UPSC preparation in particular.

Preparing in the old, outdated manner you can’t be ready for the curveball in the mains exam. Modern problems require ‘postmodern’ solutions.

Are you ready for the curveball questions in the PSIR Mains exam?

It gets chaotic in the Mains when you are sitting there scratching your head thinking about what surprises the next question might hold for you. For that, you have to get chaotic now,  turn it into constructive chaos, and channelize it.

What is our philosophy?

We have diminished, if not removed the barrier between teacher and student. Co-learning and co-creating knowledge is the need of the hour. The discourses, the vaad-vivaad on every topic, every theory and every issue pushes the boundaries of your thoughts. (It is required.)

Our approach to optionals and PSIR, in particular, is decentralized. Ideas flow from every direction. So you might encounter Jon Snow and Amit Shah having their ‘chai pe charcha’ while discussing Plato and Chanakya. Learning is about conversations, it is about stories that change you and your perception of reality – enter the matrix without the red pill if you may!

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Exclusive group on Civilsdaily’s Habitat

Headed by our experienced faculty this group has revolutionized PSIR optional preparation. You are going to ask doubts; learn and unlearn, and relearn; think and discuss like you never did before.

Every discussion is going to get neatly organized in separate threads. You are going to learn with a highly focussed community of diverse-minded aspirants.

A look at PSIR Optional group on Habitat.

Planned progression

Discussion and syllabus coverage is going to be planned not only for the day but also for a week, with dedicated days for revision, review, and restrategizing. It is going to ensure discipline and consistency.

A Schedule is shared every week.

Join the PSIR Optional – Habitat group (Click here)

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Personalized and targetted approach

Not all of you are at the same stage of preparation. Some are just beginning and some have covered the syllabus more than once. Your preparation and approach will also differ.

Modern solutions, they offer one size fits all solutions. We are way past that. Our approach is postmodern! It’s personalized and customized to your individual learning competencies, situation, attitude, and aptitude.

You are going to learn as per your learning competencies, we are just going to make it efficient.

Personalized questions
Personalized targets

Answer writing and discussion

This is one of the most important offerings this group has to offer. Daily questions are shared, from previous year questions to topic-based questions. Answers to them are reviewed and discussed thoroughly. You don’t want to miss this session.

Answer writing and discussion

Notes and references 

There are so many sources for PSIR. Wisdom lies in not only selecting the most appropriate sources but also in knowing what you can and should avoid. All the important readings, references, and materials are suggested and shared on a regular basis. Based on the reference material shared, important topics are pointed out and discussed.

Notes and references are suggested and shared

Join the PSIR Optional – Habitat group (Click here)

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At times it will become a philosophical circus (literally), but by the end of a session, you will feel your brain juices flowing like the cool mountain spring in a meadow.

You will be joining a focussed community of learners.

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4 years ago

Please provide for geography optional aspirants a group like psir group.

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4 years ago
Reply to  sourav singh

We are going to open close groups for almost all the optional subjects in due time


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