Post Prelims – Do’s & Don’ts

Over the years I have witnessed many changes in IAS examination in terms of pattern, trend & nature of questions, cut-offs, composition of aspirants, etc. But one thing remains same, that is – tension & pressure. Even today especially during exams all my memories get refreshed and my BP slightly goes to higher side!!

Anyways , finally your pressure might be eased off  now , at least for the time being.

Till now you must have read so much on Do’s & don’ts before exams. But I would like share some post exam do & don’t s –

1. Just take 2-3 days break. Go home, party around, see movies. Just be away from studies environment.

2. Do not extend this break beyond this. Get back to your business immediately after break. You need to understand that it is only first stage of exam , two more stages are yet to come. So, there is not much liberty to extend break.

3. I strongly believe that real competitive edge lies in the period between exam & result. This is the most crucial time. After exam everybody studies a lot. If you want to take lead over others , stop worrying about result and finish major portion so that after result you could revise no of times.

4. Don’t waste time in tallying your answer sheets again & again. See 2-3 authentic sources and take average.

That night-mares of those silly mistakes will continue to haunt you but you have to ignore them and continue to focus on preparation.

5. Start preparing irrespective of your score. Just tell me “ If you don’t get through prelims  then will you stop preparing and drop your childhood dream & switch over to other options ?”
If “No” , then what you are waiting for ? You are serious aspirant. Stop diversions. Continue preparing seriously.

6. Be careful about propagandists. Such people spread rumors , they boast of getting very high scores. But once result comes out they are the one who are out and then they start cursing ,abusing UPSC.

7. I have often said that key to success especially in IAS is “Revisions & Writing practice “. Writing practice does not means – sitting in library and making notes from 10 books. Rather, it is solving previous years’ questions , getting evaluated by your concerned teacher, working on the feedback  and again writing to remove shortfalls.

Good luck!

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By Mitra Sir

Director @Mitra's IAS | Philosophy (Optional) & Ethics (GS IV)

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