Prelims 2016 Test Series


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Hello Everyone,

We had promised you that it shall be our endeavour to provide you with quality MCQs in the form of a test series. Beginning Monday, we shall set down to fulfil our promise. And as we get down to the task, here are some ground rules/instructions, by whatever name you may call them:

#1. There shall be 25 questions each in sectional tests from Test 1 to Test 10.

#2. Liberty has been taking in framing few questions from sources which were not explicitly mentioned in the schedule but nonetheless constitute the standard text we read.

#3. We fill fix a time for releasing the test series and the same shall be followed throughout (save the exigencies) so you can set yourself a time to attempt the test in exam-like conditions.

#4. The main purpose of these tests is not to judge you in anyway but to let you identify your weaknesses and strengths. So be active and place your answers in the comment sections because that is the way it shall trigger discussions from others who might have different answers. Such lively discussions are among the best ways to remember things.

#5. There might be instances where we may differ in our answer choices owing to the reference we may take or the different interpretations we may have. In such cases we shall point our reference and settle down on the answers and interpretations.

#6. On Sundays, solutions shall be appended at the end of the tests with references.

#7. The master blaster Dr. V has already enumerated the various ‘saam daam dand bhed’ ways in which you can zero in on the right answers in MCQs. Read the blog several times over and make sure you have mastered the ‘art of answering MCQs’.

Best Wishes!

By Unbounded Wisdom

Everyone knows the destination. Only few follow the path that leads to it!


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