[Prelims 2017] Flagship Course Batch 2 starts on 14th December

This is the second batch of Flagship Prelims Course. The first batch started on November 11th and is still going on.

Click to Join the Batch 2 here

If you need any specific clarifications before joining in the course – mail us at hello@civilsdaily.com

What’s the difference between Batch 1 & Batch 2?

  • Same tests,
  • Same questions,
  • Combined AIRs (with Batch1 and Batch2 students),
  • Same syllabus &
  • Same freebies but with a faster timeline so that you catch up with the advanced students by the time you write FLTs in April 2017

Read the Full Desctiption of the course – Click here

Click here to download the Syllabus & TIMETABLE 

So, nothing changes except the time table of the tests. Your tests will be conducted in 5 days gap before you finally catch up with the other students!

Broad outline of the course:

  • 32 GS Paper 1 Tests of 100 questions each: 6 basic static + 10 advanced static + 8 current affairs focus + 8 FLTs
  • 3 Previous Years Prelims Paper: 2013, 2014, 2015
  • 12 Monthly CivilsDigest Magazines (pdfs): All the most important Civilsdaily newscards & editorial summaries from (Android AppWeb News) will be published in a neat and comprehensive pdf
  • 12 Monthly Target Mains Magazine (pdf): The daily Mains answer writing on the website will find its compilation in a rich pdf with Questions + Demand and Approach (DNA) methodology + Links to best answer
  • 12 Monthly Prelims Daily Compilations (pdf)
  • CD Explains Annual Compilation (pdf)
  • Indian Economic Survey Notes (pdf)
  • The Art of Tikdams (Free pdf) on How to answer intelligently in Prelims
  • Titbits and Tikdams: Your explanations will be richer and more meaningful. We are known to innovate & making sure you have smart hacks and dedicated reference points for everything. To know what we mean, click to read this – Titbits for IAS PreTikdams for Smart Hacks

NOTE: Once you register for the module, please go to the documents tab on the portal and download the monthly PDFs

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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