Civilsdaily reaches Pune | The foundation stone for a great success in UPSC and MPSC has been successfully placed in Maharashtra | Talk to our Marathi (MPSC+UPSC specialist) Mentors

Integrated Approach: UPSC/MPSC-relevant tests | study material |Experienced mentors and dedicated Marathi faculty. 

A houseful seminar conducted by CivilsDaily. The foundation stone for a balanced success in UPSC, along with MPSC has been successfully placed in Pune. Yes, Civilsdaily reached Pune.

Sajal sir addressing aspirants from Maharashtra

CivilsDaily recently conducted a Mega Seminar in Pune and it was a full house. The energy and excitement among the aspirants from Maharashtra was exhilarating. As a result of our great success in UPSC 2021, and on the insistence of CivilsDaily’s alumni (ex-rankers) and our students from the state, we have decided to open our first offline center in Maharashtra, in Pune. 

Sajal sir felicitaitng CD toppers from Maharashtra

Yes, this is the all-dimensional extension of CD. Whether it is Delhi or Pune, it’s a distinction without a difference. Acknowledging the need to ensure removing the trauma of relocation, the students of Maharashtra face, we will be providing the best preparation and resources to you that too at your place. 

With the focus on overall development, Civilsdaily’s dedicated offline mentor teachers group stands by all UPSC & MPSC aspirants without a second thought.

Read about the new pattern and more below.

Table of content:

  1. Changed pattern of MPSC
  2. Implications of this change
  3. CivilsDaily’s Maharashtra students and their performance in UPSC 2021
  4. CivilsDaily IAS in Pune
  5. Tackle MPSC with UPSC: Mega Seminar in Pune by Sajal sir and UPSC rankers from Maharashtra
  6. How the Pune Center will help aspirants from Maharashtra?
  7. Some of the UPSC rankers from Maharashtra
  8. Register for the Mega Seminar and 1-1 discussion with Sajal sir and UPSC rankers.

MPSC changes pattern: Aligned with UPSC, to be implemented from 2023

Maharashtra PSC has recently released a notification citing changes in the pattern. Now the main examination will be subjective/descriptive in nature (essay type answers) instead of objective (MCQ type) questions. Also, an Ethics paper has also been introduced, modern history will also be included.

From earlier 6 papers in MPSC Mains now we will have 9 papers, with total marks now standing at 1750 in Mains, closely resembling UPSC’s pattern.

PapersSubjectsMarksNature of papers
Paper 1Marathi300Descriptive (Qualifying)
Paper 2English300Descriptive (Qualifying)
Paper 3Essay (Marathi or English)250Descriptive
Paper 4GS 1250Descriptive
Paper 5GS 2250Descriptive
Paper 6GS 3250Descriptive
Paper 6GS 4250Descriptive
Paper 8Optional Paper 1250Descriptive
Paper 9Optional Paper 2250Descriptive
1750 Marks
Closely resembling the UPSC pattern

Implications of this change

It has certainly made MPSC mains more comprehensive, requiring a wide-based knowledge just like UPSC.

  • It will be easier for UPSC aspirants to prepare for MPSC and vice-versa.
  • It improve the percentage of Marathi candidates appearing and clearing UPSC as the paper pattern is almost the same.
  • It will give equal opportunity to those from rural as well as urban areas. Now every candidate must play on a level playing field.
  • For those UPSC aspirants who have exhausted their attempts, they would find it easier to appear and crack MPSC.
  • Aspirants who will reappear in 2023 will have to consider it as a fresh attempt as they have to study almost from scratch.

All these pose an opportunity as well as a challenge for aspirants but for sure it calls for a change in strategy.

Attend Mega Seminar by Sajal sir and UPSC rankers from Maharashtra. Register here and align your strategy

CivilsDaily’s performance in UPSC 2021 and an overwhelming number of our Rankers from Maharashtra

UPSC 2021 results were released a few days back and it was a major validation of CivilsDaily’s student-centric approach, personalized mentorship, and commitment to your goal – cracking the UPSC IAS exam.

..amazing observation was the overwhelming number of rankers from Maharashtra.

This was evident from 200+ rankers, including 30+ in the top 50 in the UPSC 2021 exam. Another amazing observation was the overwhelming number of rankers from Maharashtra. 

Moreover, we have thousands of CivilsDaily students from the state.

On the insistence of CivilsDaily’s alumni (ex-rankers) and our students from the state, we will be opening our first center in Maharashtra very soon, in Pune.

How is the Pune center going to help UPSC and Civil Services Aspirants from Maharashtra?

Saves you from the trauma of relocation

Aspirants have to leave their home state to Delhi, Karol Bagh for UPSC prep. It seriously dismantles their mental peace and continuity in preparation.

Now you no longer have to leave your state and come to Delhi for UPSC preparation.


Financially, by saving huge expenditure incurred in Karol Bagh on renting and tuition fees.

Now prepare for both: UPSC and MPSC

Recently the notification for MPSC was released and since the pattern is similar to UPSC now, we will be helping you prepare for MPSC as well.

Live lectures, Offline 1:1 Mentorship, Testing centre in Pune

We will be providing the best classroom lectures; UPSC-relevant tests and study material; experienced mentors and dedicated faculty. 

CivilsDaily will always remain committed to a personalized and student-centric approach and will live for its vision of making UPSC and government service exam preparation simpler, effective, result-oriented, and affordable to every aspiring student.

Mega Seminar on 5th July, at Gokhale Institute, Pune: Sajal sir and UPSC Rankers from Maharashtra – was a huge success

We have another seminar planned.

Get a golden chance to meet and discuss 1-1 with Rankers and Sajal sir at Pune center.

Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, the alma mater of Sajal sir and a few other UPSC rankers from CivilsDaily, has acknowledged the good work and has requested us to be hosted by the esteemed institute.

You can meet Sajal sir and rankers there and discuss the strategy and approach required to tackle both MPSC and UPSC.


to be shared soon

Date and time: to be shared soon

Feel free to call/WhatsApp for any clarification or details: +91 8668582260.

We are all the more motivated now to churn out more and more rankers from Maharashtra.

Some of our Ranker from Maharashtra

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