Preparing for UPSC 2023 with a serious time crunch? Fill Samanvaya (Free) & manage your time with a senior IAS mentor

Every year, a huge number of aspirants sit for the UPSC-CSE exam. Because the age limit is so relaxed, there have been multiple instances where working persons or people who already have a job also apply for the IAS ordeals.

Working aspirants’ biggest challenge is time management, which is critical for studying and taking care of one’s health while working a 9-hour shift.

The two most powerful warriors are time & a mentor’s guidance for a job holder. 

We feel that. So, we made the best time managing mentorship, specifically for working professionals on how to break down the syllabus into small chunks, and develop an effective & workable study strategy for UPSC preparation. 

Do You Know? We Provide India’s Best UPSC Mentorship Program Instantly.

The Hindu has acknowledged Civilsdaily’s Smash Mains Mentorship Program.

And Civilsdaily’s highly experienced teachers & mentors assure you that you can save up to 40 hours in a week provided you join our mentorship program. Making notes for UPSC-CSE is not only a difficult task but also confusing when you give it a try from current affairs. And realizing that particular pain point, we launch the much-coveted Samachar Manthan’.

Can a Working Professional Clear UPSC with having a serious time crunch?

This is the most familiar & much-debated question that candidates have. The answer is yes, and why not? If you simply sidestep promiscuous reading habits & comes under prominent educators, you’re eligible to crack UPSC-CSE with a single-digit rank.

Examinees are often advised to devote 12 months to study for the civil service examinations. If you have limited time and still wish to pass the exam, you mustn’t waste time.

Our ‘Working professional Hall Of Fame’ has already busted the myth that only full-time aspirants can become an IAS.

You can only make the best timetable for IAS preparation when you understand that time is crucial, so utilizing the time in the best possible way is the key. Time table is required to keep track of the time for preparation for the exam.

  • Is such time killing your dream? → 9 hours office, 1-hour in travel, 1 hour for washing and eating, 8 hours for sleep. This makes a total of 19 hours.
  • Time is left → 24 hours – 19 hours = 5 hours. Where to start, what to learn & revise in these 300 minutes.
  • How to complete syllabus, how to cover mock test series in such a short time!

Do you ever know that utilizing these 5 hours can bring such a difference that any working aspirant will beat a full-time one? Get Confused! Not to worry more. Get your personalized mentor here.

The desire to complete the course alone in its entirety is the major cause of most time mismanagement. Many applicants set out to cover the entire syllabus blindly only to discover later that many topics are simply too broad or that very few if any, questions are being asked from certain sections. A lot of time is wasted in this effort because those topics are required to be addressed differently, and the time saved on their coverage could have been better spent on other parts of the syllabus.

To tell the truth, if anyone can be your true torchbearer throughout your IAS journey, he is your mentor. Never deprive yourself of his priceless guidance.

Time mismanagement for any working professional is caused by a lack of understanding of how to divide time according to the priority and relevance of the syllabus, and because the syllabus is wide and often open-ended, it needs smart covering with a select few sources.

In that case, some specialized programs, you ought to think over.

By the way, All the NCERTs & advanced books are automatically covered with hard & soft copies in our most demanded ‘UPSC-CSE online/offline Foundation course’

To tell the truth,  if anyone is your well-wisher throughout your IAS journey, he is none but a mentor. Never deprive yourself of his priceless guidance.

Our Students’ are saying….

Bottom Lines:

Since the IAS examination is one of the most insisting exams in India, it necessitates a full-time commitment in terms of hard work and study. However, there are working professionals who are occupied with their professions during the day and find it impossible to prepare for the IAS examination due to a lack of study time. Above are some UPSC preparation ideas for working people who want to follow their dream of passing the IAS exam, which may help them find time to study despite their hectic schedules.

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