How Priya Rani broke all the stereotypes, tackled societal taboos, and cracked UPSC with an AIR 284, UPSC 2021? | CivilsDaily’s Mentorship student | Talk to her mentors

Priya Rani didn’t just cracked UPSC but literally blew away the patriachal stereotypes with her success. Hailing from Patna, Priya had to deal with rude obnoxious comments on her parents and grandparents just for the fact that they were educating a girl child.

Maybe, this is what fuelled the fire inside her to succeed and push herself to limits for her goals. In her second attempt, Priya secured AIR 284, in UPSC 2021.

Priya was a student of CivilsDaily’s mentorship program, mainly Smash Mains program, and was under the personal guidance of Sajal sir.

In a candid conversation with us, Priya Rani shared her UPSC journey, hardships societal taboos, lessons learned, and her success mantra. Listen to her story.

Priya has given us inspiration and we wish her all the best. She’s going to be an administrator of great integrity!

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Priya Rani was one of 200 rankers from CivilsDaily’s mentorship programs.

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