(Imp Webinar) Toppers’ mindset for UPSC Mains, answer writing, making notes and more – AIR 67, ANAND MALHOTRA | Get FREE-Sajal sir’s PDF on Ans. Writing Best Practices + Mains Telegram group

What’s the right time to start writing answers? How to start as a beginner? How to make notes? Should I start writing Essays regularly as a beginner? Can I prepare for UPSC Mains 2022 in 80 days?

If such questions are bugging you day and night, this Webinar is for you! (Details below)

Hey aspirants, with Prelims 2022 result around the corner most of you must be studying for UPSC Mains 2022. But what about those appearing for UPSC 2023-24?

Not only us, but our toppers also feel that you should keep your preparation integrated. Prelims and Mains (answer writing and essays) must go hand in hand.

Feeling Motivated?
CivilsDaily’s topper Anand Malhotra, AIR 67, UPSC 2021 wants to discuss a few things with you regarding UPSC Mains preparation. For that, he will be taking a LIVE session (Webinar).

Webinar Details

  • Date: 22nd June 2022 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 7 pm
  • Zoom link will be emailed to you post-registration.
  • The webinar is Open to All (FREE)

We will email the Telegram group and Mains resources to you post-registration.

What to expect in the Webinar?

  1. You will be strategizing with Anand Malhotra, 1-1 for your Integrated UPSC preparation, especially Mains.
  2. Learning to make 1-2 page notes for the most important topics from every subject which helped Anand finish an answer within 250 words?
  3. How to study in the last 80 days for Mains 2022?
  4. When to start writing Mains answers. Is it better to practice 2-3 answers every day even if there is a year more for the UPSC exam?
  5. How many times in a month did Anand Malhotra write Essay answers? Why practicing Essay Paper is important even as a beginner?
  6. How to develop perseverance and self-confidence while preparing for UPSC CSE?

About Anand Malhotra, AIR 67

An engineer and an IIM grad, Anand Malhotra secured AIR 67 in his second attempt. Before this, Anand had a stint with a startup and a tech MNC as well. His optional was Sociology.

Anand loves watching talk shows like TED and would love to motivate and guide you. Watch the video to know more about him.

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