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Is there any thread for discussion on PUB-AD optional??

—– Message from @simranbains ——

@narayanacbe , @upsc-ias1 , let’s get started then!
Administrative thinkers it is!
I guess we all must be having the epic prasad and prasad for thinkers. If not, then google too along with you tube has satisfying content for thinkers. As@confused has said, we shouldn’t waste time in finalizing things and all. Let us take

Let us take first thinker, invest 3 days on him. Then move onto the other thinker.

Somebody, please take up the responsibility to post questions too. Not more than 2 for a single day. Questions can come up in the morning, we can review each others’ answers for the rest of the day. So with which thinker should we get started?
-Please be regular mere dosto! Honestly, the subject is tough (universal fact) let us think that we have been given one chance to brush our optional! Be regular in discussing things, posting doubts, clearing doubts, posting questions, posting answers and reviewing them!

-No WA groups please! Cost benefit ratio is poor in such things.
-Let us finalise the first thinker today, time that is to be invested, and who will be posting questions!

I am tagging people with pub adm optional so that they know they are needed here ?
@riteshraj252 , @rahul-jain1 , @kumardev2036 , @jitender-kainwal ,@kaushalpande , @rkbih91 , @ashutoshdubey496 , @bmw4459 ?

——- How to attempt answer writing | Framework for Q&A ——–

Comment- remark of an individual. To comment is not to argue.give balance aspect of for and against.support ur answer with facts,data,incidents etc.don’t quote administrative thinker directly,u may use it for expressing ur views.

Critically comment- focus more on negative side of the question with some positive aspects and a concise conclusion.

Argue-balanced argument is advisable but if question is very positive or very negative than that side can b emphasised.

Discuss- necessary details about various aspects of the questions.not required to explain

Analysis- establishing cause effect relationship of one by one each aspects and concluding all as a whole.

Elucidate-make things clear using example,facts,figures.

Explain-with necessary details within the area of statement.

Justify- explaining benefits or merits and expressing its effect on minimising the adverse side.

Simplify- give definition,examples,explanation and make things easy to grasp.


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