RTI Act has transparency, accountability and participation as its mandate and is considered equally important legal document after the Constitution. In the light of the above statement describe the importance of Information Commissions at the center and state levels. Also discuss the challenges they have been facing in fulfilling their mandate. (250 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

The question has two parts, importance of information commission at centre and state and challenges being faced by them in fulfilling their mandate.

In the first part we need to highlight the mandate,, objective, organization of the information commission at centre and states level and discuss the parameters of transparency, accountability and predictability, which are implemented by the IC to work out the RTI Act.

Next, mention about the current status of pending cases and highlight the need for proper functioning of the information commissions.

Now, next step should be addressing the second part of the question i.e. challenges faced. These should necessarily include the vacancy to the post in various states, political influence, biased decision making etc. Here with every challenge we can include short solution for the problem.

Here we should certainly not mention about the general aspects of implementing the RTI Act rather the discussion should hold wider aspects.

Bring conclusion based on the discussion of main body.

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