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UPSC Prelims 2022 is over & now it’s time to cross the higher bar. Knowing the unpredictability of this journey, many believe that only hard work can make them luckier. But shockingly, even after working with all their might, 90% of them remain very much clueless about their “strategy” being right or wrong. 

What are the things our toppers have done different this year?

Moreover, a quick strategy re-orientation is required for 2022 Mains aspirants as no time is left now.

Sukanya ma’am will be analyzing and dissecting toppers’ answers for you to highlight what makes their answers different from an average aspirant.

Webinar Details:

Strategies & Approaches, in This Free Live Webinar by Sukanya Ma’am!

  1. How CD’s Mains programs guaranteed  200+ aspirants to enter in UPSC 2021 final merit list. & what are the things they have done different this year. Best, authentic, minimum materials for UPSC-CSE Mains Preparation. Do’s & Dont’s, How to remake ‘Recognition of information’ into ‘recall, analyze & express’.
  1. Whether your answers ought to reflect the editorial standards of The Hindu! What should be the foolproof strategy? What subject to pick up first to start your Mains Preparation!
  1. How toppers prioritize speed over content, and content over structure. How to fix your answer writing structure, improve the content
  2. How to create a basic conceptual framework of the answer before committing anything to paper. Implications of overstretching your imagination.
  3. How to fetch maximum score in both ‘Essay’ & ‘Ethics’ papers to enhance your marks in total.
  4. What is the difference between ‘Opinion-based’ & ‘Fact-based’ questions will also be discussed thoroughly in this webinar?
  5. How & where to present the answer, replete with a Map/diagram/flowchart/, It will help to get extra 0.25-0.5 marks across 80 questions of GS papers. If the question is in two parts, sticking to the word limit, how to address the demand of each part. What is the way to enclose also any critical analysis you should have within the subheading?
  6. How to enhance writing patterns, where to take mock regularly, how many mock tests are fit, Etc. will be discussed in this live webinar.
  7. The untold secret of coverage of the Mains syllabus is that the syllabus can be covered 100%. The most brilliant of candidates will testify that even their coverage of the syllabus was not completely 100%.

About Sukanya Rana Ma’am:

Our Civilsdaily Mains Program Head Mrs. Sukanya Rana has been mentoring 1500+ students & 100+ Rankers across multiple stages from prelims to mains to interviews. She is part of Smash Mains as an Ethics Mentor and helped Civilsdaily topper to achieve their dream.

She has firsthand experience of 4 mains and 2 interviews of UPSC. She has also appeared in the State PCS interview.

Sukanya Ma’am has scored consistently 100+ marks in ethics and in 2019 her marks were 140 in GS 4. In 2020 and 2021, under her mentorship, many smash mains students were able to secure 110+ marks.

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