Recent Initiatives by the Railways

Announcement Made in Railway Budget

Dedicated Freight Corridor


DFC Objectives


Dedicated Freight Corridor: Projections


Modernisation of Railways


Policy Support by the Government


Automobile Freight Train Operator Scheme 2013:


Wagon investment scheme


Participative models for rail connectivity and capacity augmented projects

Key modernisation initiatives

  1. Introduced ‘Operation 5 minutes’ scheme for passengers travelling unreserved, which provides the passengers the time to purchase tickets within 5 minutes
  2. Installing Bio–toilets by 2016. So far (till October 2016), Indian Railways have installed more 49,000 Bio–toilets in passenger coaches, extension of built-in dustbin facility has been approved for non-AC coaches. Setting up of 5-year safety plan
  3. Introducing 24/7 All – India helpline number through which passengers could address their problems on a real – time basis. Toll free number, 138 has been launched as 24/7 All-India helpline number and availability of Toll – free number, 182, for security related complaints
  4. Moving towards paperless ticketing and charting by development of multi–lingual E–ticketing portal. In the coming years, SMS on mobiles would be taken as proof instead of tickets promoting paperless tickets throughout India.
  5. Train protection warning system and train collision avoidance system have been installed on selective routes
  6. Setting up a new department that would ensure the railway stations and trains are kept clean. Improving North-East and J&K connectivity.
  7. In an initiative to decarbonize rail transport, Indian Railways will be collaborating with various public-sector enterprises to speed up the process of electrification of railway tracks
  8. As of June 2017, the Indian Railways is preparing to acquire 25 E5 Shinkasen series bullet trains from Japan for an estimated cost of US$743.71 million. The high speed corridor will have urinals, western style toilets with hot water and washing closet seat facility, separate washrooms for men and women equipped with triple mirrors for make-up and many other facilities.


Himanshu Arora
Doctoral Scholar in Economics & Senior Research Fellow, CDS, Jawaharlal Nehru University
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