Resolute | It’s a journey from Failure in Prelims to AIR 49 | Divyansh Singh, AIR 49, UPSC 2021 | Civilsdaily Mentorship Student | Consult with his mentor

Divyansh Singh, AIR 49, UPSC 2021. Civilsdaily Mentorship Student

Divyansh Singh was one of CD’s mentorship students under Sajal sir, Sukanya ma’am, and other mentors under the Smash Mains program. Divyansh was determined about improving himself. He improved his marks in GS-2 and GS-4 2021 in 2021 Mains.

He filled A-to-Z Preparation Gaps under the Guidance of Sajal Sir

  • A-Awareness Gap
  • B-Behavioral gap
  • C- Confidence gap
  • D-Delivery Gap
  • E-Excessiveness/Exclusiveness Gap
  • F-Focus gap
  • G-Generic approach gap
  • H-Herd mentality gap
  • I-Introvert nature gap
  • J-Juggling multiple things
  • K-Knowledge gap
  • L- Learning Gap
  • M- Mentoring Gap
  • N- Narrative Gap
  • O-Objectivity gap
  • P-Practice gap
  • Q-Quantification gap
  • R-Revision gap
  • S-Smartwork gap
  • T-Testing gap
  • U- Understanding gap
  • V-Vanity issue gap
  • W- Wrong attitude gap
  • X-X-Factor gap
  • Y-Yardstick approach gap
  • Z-Zealous approach gap

This was Divyansh’s 4th attempt and in the 2nd attempt in 2019, he secured 484, in the 3rd attempt his rank was 425. Divyansh’s optional was Chemistry. 

In a candid interview with Siddharth Sir, Divyansh revealed how he improved his All India Rank to 49.

Divyansh is an engineer by education. After graduation, he joined Microsoft. But soon he realized that UPSC is the right career for him. He started pursuing leaving his corporate job.

In 2020, after joining Smash Mains Program, Divyansh Singh received the remedial studies he had been looking for for 3 years. He attributed his success to Sajal Sir and Sukanya Ma’am.

  • He said that Sajal Sir was like his best friend throughout his entire journey. He helped Divyansh to improve his marks in GS 2 and GS 4 efficiently.
  • In GS-2 he scored 119 and according to him, it wasn’t possible without Sajal Sir’s remedial mentorship.
  • In GS-4, Ethics paper, he scored 117. He said that Sukanya Ma’am’s 1-1 mentorship worked for him. in 2020, he scored only 86 in GS-4. But he improved by 31 marks in 2021. And thus he secured 49 All India Rank.
  • Program’s focus is on conceptual clarity, simplicity, relevance, and making interlinkages between current affairs and the basic/static part of the syllabus.
  • Awesome mentorship-hand holding support.
  • Sajal Sir’s guidance got him 10 times more likely to prepare for current affairs linking with the static part in a very short time. 
  • Next-level evaluation of answers helped him a lot to fetch more scores in all GS papers.
  •  CA Resource consolidation on Prelims and Mains’ Preparation.
  • An ecosystem for co-learning and active learning.
  • Many more…

Before getting to CD’s Mentorship Program under Sajal Sir in 2020, he had been securing below ranks consistently. He said that he couldn’t figure out the necessary things which are highly required to work on.

Divyansh has made us proud by securing AIR 49 in UPSC 2021 exam. It is yet another validation of CivilsDaily’s vision and approach to personalized mentorship.

Anay has inspired us and we wish him all the best. He’s going to be an administrator of great integrity!

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Anay was one of the 200 rankers from CivilsDaily’s mentorship programs.

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