Rocket Booster Coming Up – Extra Marks in Prelims 2020 landing at your doorstep | Link for Score Booster Lectures (Tikdams) inside

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Click here for Score Booster lectures playlist

The final stage of the GSLV Rocket i.e. the Cryogenic stage is the most tricky and critical part of the rocket’s flight. But when it executes successfully, the entire country feels thrilled.

Are the final weeks before the prelims exam any less tricky and critical if you desire that ‘golden entry ticket’ into the Mains Examination Hall? And thrilled you will be if you perform handsomely in the prelims paper by utilizing these few weeks smartly.

But wait a second.

This is not about revision. At this juncture, you are mature enough to decide your day-wise subject and time allotment. But what beyond revision? Don’t you want to outsmart the senior candidates who manage to score pretty high with relatively lesser efforts?

Watch the video shared below. Despite it being a part of our paid programme, on request by a lot of students we are making it available to all.

Yes. we’re talking about Logical Paper Solving Skills or Tikdams as we call them at Civilsdaily.

What’s exciting is that a readymade playlist of the initial videos is made available on the internet. Getting a knack over these practical techniques has completely changed the game for many candidates.

Do take advantage of it. See how Zeeshan sir has dissected UPSC Prelims Questions of past years and tried to impart these special skills to you.

Click here for Score Booster lectures playlist


tikdam civilsdaily prelims 2020 UPSC 2021 civilsdaily ias

Here you can access the complete playlist of freely available videos and get an entirely new perspective of looking at prelims.

Ultimately, your Prelims Rocket will get the much-needed thrust by a combination of your command over the syllabus, lots of paper solving practice complemented by these time-tested techniques.

All the best for your flight.

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Aspirants, be it at any stage of preparation have a number of questions like: How to start? When to start writing answers? How and from where to cover current affairs? When to start mains? and a lot more of them.

Well, don’t keep these questions with you. We are here for you. Let’s talk and discuss with senior mentors from Civilsdaily.

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