Santosh Kumar Hindi medium IAS Topper 2013

Santosh Kumar says that becoming an IAS Officer was his childhood dream. His story is like a film script consisting of all those – dream, struggle, step-by-step move towards the goal, hits and misses; and at last with so many difficulties he achieved his goal.


As he was from a rural background, having inadequate resources, he was lacking all the comfort and ease which many others had in their lives. But he never had inferiority complex in front of others. He always had firm belief that God has given him everything that others have; and if there is anything less, then he shall achieve and earn it with his hard word.

Like all other youngsters his first aim was to settle in life. With his affirmed efforts and luck in 2010, he was selected in SSC (Graduate Level) Exam and got posted in Central Secretariat, New Delhi. After marriage and government services he attained stability in his life. In true sense he actually started preparing for CSE at the age of 27 plus.

Preparation journey:

It was not a smooth sail. Many a times there were situations where he was compelled to re-think of his decision of attempting for CSE exams as the resources which he had were scarce and the uncertainty of clearing the exam with it.

He felt weak, disheartened and his economic conditions forced him to postpone his plans to appear in Civil Service Examination. Meanwhile, he got married and was blessed with a daughter. He gave his full time to family and in return their love, affection and much needed mental peace helped him think beyond and achieve his goal.

In tune with the saying that, when something good has to happen, almost all things fall in place, same was the case of Santosh Kumar. He got serious about his career in CSE as his wife kept on encouraging him to make an attempt. In true sense she was keener towards this exam and has truly believed that he could do it.

Delhi being the hub for CSE preparation fulfilled all that he required to move ahead with his preparation plans. Books, Study material, guidance and right kind of advice- he received all of it in Delhi. In total Santosh Kumar made 3 attempts for Civil Service Examination. In his first attempt in 2011, he cleared the preliminary Examination but was unable to move ahead. In his next attempt in CSE 2012, he scored 665th rank and was allotted INDIAN REVENUE SERVICE (INCOME TAX) but in his third attempt he finally achieved his goal of IAS and felt a deep sense of relief.

Preparation Strategy:

Almighty has given everyone some strengths and weaknesses. Santosh Kumar had strong willpower and never overlooked his capabilities. No sooner did he complete his graduation, than he thought of appearing for Civil Service Examination as he was confident that he can do it. He had in his mind that he is very much eligible to appear in CSE. He always used to prefer standard textbooks as he could understand it very well and also the entire syllabus of CSE is woven around that level. He was hardly worried about getting success. He just went on doing his hardwork.

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