School Nursery Yojana


Key facts:

  • Aim: To bring school students closer to nature by involving them in raising of saplings in school nurseries
  • Objective: To create an everlasting bond between the young school students and plants, trees
  • It also seeks to provide an opportunity to the students to learn about nature
  • It will develop an organic linkage and positive emotions for the environment among the school students and in turn keep the schools and the neighbourhood green


  • Schools will distribute saplings to students to plant in their homes and surroundings through School Nursery
  • The school nursery will be in small space of a minimum of 100 sq meters in premises of school which will provide essential facilities for raising saplings
  • In this nursery students will prepare beds for raising saplings and use it for other nursery-related activities such as preparing mixture of soil, good earth and manure and storage of seeds
  • Other activities: The schools also take up other activities like composting, rain water harvesting and water recycling
  • Thus, the scheme will seek to inculcate best environmental awareness practices in young minds

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