Sprint this month and Clear Prelims

In an article one month back I wrote how to approach prelims 2016 where I underlined the importance of solving test papers, previous years questions and making educated informed calculated guesses. We followed that up with test series by UW and analysis of last 6 years polity and economy papers.

By now, it would be amply clear to all of you that solving the test papers, making intelligent guesses is utmost important to crack prelims examination. You have only one month left now and you have to do what all I prescribed (yes I am a doctor) in the earlier article.

Most imp. period of your preparation – winners will march ahead

Many of you would already be feeling defeated and dejected. Negative thoughts – I won’t be able to clear the prelims- come to mind very frequently these days. But remember that this is not the time to feel dejected. This is the most important period of your preparation. In next one month, ranks will shift dramatically. Those who would succumb to pressure will be left behind while those who utilize this time in best possible manner will March ahead.

Sprint now and win the Prelims marathon

It’s sprint from now on. Marathon race of prelims has reached the last lane. Now you have to run and run very fast. Every minute is important from now on. Times of parties have long gone now. You can’t afford to waste a minute any more. Your success and failure would depend on the wise utilization of the time you have. You have to have faith in yourself that you can do it. And you will have to do it.

Discipline is the key

Make a timetable now. Get organized. Get focused. If you had joined any whatsapp group for current affairs or doubt clearance, this is the best time to leave those groups.

Get maximum out of everyday – Don’t have any distractions

To get maximum out of everyday, become very disciplined and follow your time table religiously. Bore yourself to success by following that time table for next 30 days. Do four siting of two and half hours each. And these sittings means reading from the books and notes while your phone is switched off. There should not be any distraction just like in exam. You have to focus for 2 hours in exam, here we take s buffer if half an hour. And just like that, you would clock 10 hours a day every day.

Revise current affairs backwards

Start revising your current affairs from June month backwards. Revise your old test papers with special focus on questions you marked incorrect. Double mark those which you mark incorrect once again or just write them down in your notebook. Go back to your standard books and revise that topic again.

Solve past ten years question papers in next 10 days

If you haven’t solved last 10 years question papers, solve them in next 10 days. There is simply no excuse if you are unable to answer direct repeat or indirect repeat from the same topic.

Don’t leave any topic untouched – must correct every easy question from every topic

If you haven’t touched any particular topic or subject, cover them in next 7 days. You just can’t leave any subject / topic, be it art and culture or temple architecture or ancient history. You don’t have to go in depth. You don’t have to time to study in depth now. Just have superficial knowledge and make sure you mark easy questions from those topics correctly. For instance, you just can’t afford to not mark this question on definition of ecosystem correctly and you would mark that correctly if you had just skimmed through environment and ecology topics. This hold true for every subject.

Revise, revise and revise

Once you have done that, your complete focus should be on revision. Read new things for not more than 2 hours a day. Just try to consolidate everything you have already studied. Trust me all of you have read enough. Just revise and consolidate that.

Simulate exam every day

Don’t forget to solve at least 25 questions (solving one full length paper everyday won’t harm either) everyday in exam like conditions. Keep solving them till last week of prelims. Make calculated guesses there. See if they benefit you. Analyse your mistakes, improve upon them and you will be the winner.

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