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Submission of AWE Answers

Hi Folks.

It’s great to see that you all are attempting the Daily AWE tests with such passion. Keep it up. But make sure that you submit your test copies on the Daily AWE page only. Some of you have mailed your copies to our team. That is not the right and efficient way.  Instead, use the uploading options on the Daily AWE pages for each question. Take help from the image below.

Also, avoid typing answers in the discussion box. That is not the ideal way of writing answers. When you write on plain paper with pen, then you get the idea of the space and presentation in a better manner.


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Yogeshkumar Prajapati
11 months ago

kindly check our answers as soon as possible , we used to mail yousir because you take a lot of time to check our answers

11 months ago

We had been told on the phone that the submission could be either by mail or in the comment section.

11 months ago
Reply to  Shambhavi

As the submissions in comment section are a bit cumbersome to track, the email option was preferred.

Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar
9 months ago

M not finding the option to attach file..

sunny gill
4 months ago

Please review

3 months ago

I’m not finding the option to attach my file. Please look into the issue