Targeting 160+ in your Essay? 4 ways how our program can help you.

Every good candidate hovers around 90-110 in the GS Papers (1-3). Where brilliant students outscore their competitors is the Essay – with scores varying from 70 to 160. That’s a difference of 90 marks. Potentially the difference between final list and disappointment. Or between IAS and Grade B services.

Practicing essays can also be the best way to consolidate what you’ve read so far and make good revision notes helping you for both prelims and mains GS papers as well.

We have been receiving a lot of queries regarding Essay strategy.

  • Is there a format to follow?
  • How does an Essay format differ from a GS answer?
  • Where can I get personalized feedback?
  • Is there a way I can write better essays using my strengths instead of just following the herd?

Well, we have created a program just for you. Tailored to maximize your scoring potential without sacrificing the uniqueness you bring to the table. Our program focuses on these things:

  1. Precise Topic Selection – Mirroring what UPSC gives
  2. A rigorous methodology for reviews – We have endeavoured to create a methodology that is as close to the final test as possible. We will focus on Structuring, Language and Expression, Links and Flows, Fundamental Flaws flagging and Appreciation for Unique perspective.
  3. Sample Structure, video solutions, and personalized attention – to help you to think along various dimensions. Highlight the good, bad and ugly so you can learn. Additionally, discussion on different styles in which one particular essay can be attempted as there is no unique right way.
  4. Good essay copies for review and learning.

Our team has assembled seasoned bureaucrat Mr. Vipul Shrivastava, IPS who is spearheading the initiative.

View all the details of the Batch 2 of the program and join here – Click2Join

If you wish to join batch 2 of only the sectional essays program, you can do that here: Click2Join

Click here to check out all our programs and understand how we are making them better. 

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