[Video] Interview Enrichment Program – Dr. Saikia explains the developments in Brexit and the Middle East

Dr. Saikia is a leading analyst of International Relations, Globalization and India’s foreign policy. He occasionally writes for The Pioneer and is a regular speaker at prominent global conferences.
He is passionate about shaping the next generation of bureaucrats. He took out time from his busy schedule to interact with the candidates facing the interviews in the coming weeks.
In this session, he effortlessly touches upon the various dimension of the 2 most important crisis – Brexit and the Middle East.
Students preparing for Prelims and Mains should make a note of various Organizations, Conferences, and Conventions mentioned by Sir. Doubts can be posted in the comments below.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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yogendra singh
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Lynda Dillman
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sam thareja
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