Techniques for reading ‘The Hindu’

Hi friends,

Most of my students have had this question “How to read the Hindu ? What notes to make ?”
Yes,’ The Hindu ‘ is the preferred newspaper for IAS aspirants, because most of the questions are triggered from there .

Before you learn how to read the newspaper, here are some points I shall suggest

#1. Always have the syllabus infront of you .

#2. Have the past question papers with you and keep referring to them,to understand how questions are asked .

#3. Understand the issue rather than just reading word by word. After identifying the issue ,take down notes topic wise and not date wise.

#4. Use the following websites, if you need more points .

#5. Do not spend more than 1 hour on the newspaper.Few students end up spending 3-4 hours merely on the newspaper. It does not help.

Let’s take a look at the newspapers and relevant articles for the exam.

1. Any judgement/ruling /remark by Supreme Court/High Court is important. While you note down the judgement ,also understand its relevance in your syllabus.Relate it to Geography /History /Economics/Polity.


2. Identify social issues /challenges facing the society as such .Understand its pros and cons and also note down the recent incidents .You can quote them to substantiate your point .Example -caste riots ,moral policing ,restriction on freedom of speech,etc.

3. Note down any issue being discussed in the Government departments/ministries. Note down the pros and cons of the issue .example -Linking rivers ,water conservation ,etc.
4. Identify schemes/policies/ initiatives of the government. For the prelims ,you will have to know
  • Objectives of the policy
  • Under which ministry /department / it operates.
  • Any special feature of the policy.
  • Who are the members (If its an organisation .eg.Inter State council)
  • Any constitutional provisions related to it .
For the mains,
  • you will have to understand the issue relating to the policy/scheme and make notes on pros and cons.


Here,you will have to know about CISF and cyber crime in detail.
5. While reading the editorial , identify the issue first. Then find out points in favour and against it. Please understand the the editorials have a bias towards one opinion. So,it is your duty to identify points, both for the topic and against the topic.

Here, the issue is on the powers of AFSPA. A judgement has triggered this debate.

Hope you find the article helpful in reading the newspaper .
Happy reading .

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By Israel Jebasingh

AIR 59, IAS officer of 2004 batch | Worked as Lecturer in Sri Ram Engineering College before joining IAS | Resigned from IAS and started "Officers IAS Academy" for coaching IAS aspirants in Chennai.

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