8PM – Test 14 > Nikaalo Prelims Revision Test Polity Advanced + Top 20 Ranks for CA September

Please make a note of the following

1. Some questions are purposely out of syllabus. Please think hard, try to recall and attempt them. This surprise is nothing compared to what you will experience in the actual exam.

2. While you are attempting the test, keep writing the questions numbers in the comment section in the following format.

100% sure – <list of question numbers>. This will indicate how many questions are you are 100% sure of but eventually got wrong

Could eliminate 2 options – <list of question numbers>. This will indicate the questions where you took calculated risks

Complete guess– <list of question numbers>. This will indicate how many questions you guessed completely. 

A sample would be

100% sure-1,2,3

Could eliminate 2 options-4,5

Complete guess-6,7

This will make you more aware of what your attempt. It is very important.

3. Completing the test should be your top priority. Focus on accuracy rather than simply attempting more questions. Give enough thought to each question, we have increased the time limit so you can do this.

4. At the end of the test, click on ‘View Questions’ button to check the solutions.

*You can attempt the test multiple times for your own practice but only your first attempt will be counted for rankings.



Leaderboard: Test 11 - Ancient Medieval Art and Culture

maximum of 2 points
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Details of the program + timetable can be found here – Mission Nikaalo Prelims – Keep the Josh High > 60 Day Revision Course with Prelims Spotlight and Free Tests

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User Avatar
poonam Pawar
4 years ago

As this was my first attempt to check how much I knw n how much I have to do

User Avatar
Alok Raj
4 years ago
Reply to  poonam Pawar

See the average marks and then your marks. And analyze the gap between both.

User Avatar
harsha vardhan
4 years ago

Sir, i request you to make tests free from grammatical mistakes. Besides, Some explanations provided donot fit for the options marked correctly.

User Avatar
Vikash Tiwari
4 years ago

Question no 12, the answer should be c) none… As first statement says discrimination on any ground so incorrect

User Avatar
Chingkhei yengkhom
4 years ago

Question no. 12 the solution given is incorrect. Option one mentions any ground which is wrong. Moreover Ar.15(2) provides for protection against discrimination both by state and private individuals. The correct answer would be (c) none of the above.

User Avatar
Alok Raj
4 years ago

For Q.16
The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 provides for the cancellation of OCI card for violation of any law of the country. But, The Bill has lapsed with the dissolution of the 16th Loksabha.

Kindly Clarify.

User Avatar
Pankaj Ahlawat
4 years ago

Q4 If punishment under a state law is death sentence then how can governor pardon him?

User Avatar
4 years ago
Reply to  Pankaj Ahlawat

Except death penality Governor can pardon any other sentence.


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