8PM – Test 5 > Nikaalo Prelims Revision Test History II + Top 20 Ranks for CA June

Please make a note of the following

1. Some questions are purposely out of syllabus. Please think hard, try to recall and attempt them. This surprise is nothing compared to what you will experience in the actual exam.

2. While you are attempting the test, keep writing the questions numbers in the comment section in the following format.

100% sure – <list of question numbers>. This will indicate how many questions are you are 100% sure of but eventually got wrong

Could eliminate 2 options – <list of question numbers>. This will indicate the questions where you took calculated risks

Complete guess– <list of question numbers>. This will indicate how many questions you guessed completely. 

A sample would be

100% sure-1,2,3

Could eliminate 2 options-4,5

Complete guess-6,7

This will make you more aware of what your attempt. It is very important.

3. Completing the test should be your top priority. Focus on accuracy rather than simply attempting more questions. Give enough thought to each question, we have increased the time limit so you can do this.

4. At the end of the test, click on ‘View Questions’ button to check the solutions.

*You can attempt the test multiple times for your own practice but only your first attempt will be counted for rankings.


Leaderboard: Test 4- Current Affairs (June 2018)

maximum of 20 points
Pos. Name Entered on Points Result
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Details of the program + timetable can be found here – Mission Nikaalo Prelims – Keep the Josh High > 60 Day Revision Course with Prelims Spotlight and Free Tests

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Hardik Sharma
13 Apr, 2019

Sir the answer provided of question number 20 is not in line with the explanation. Answer should be “C” in my opinion.

    Er S
    13 Apr, 2019


      Anjali Singh
      13 Apr, 2019

      Sir , please can you explain the answer to question no.5 ? As to who started the Home rule movement first ? Besant in 1915 or 1916 ?

        Sajal Singh
        14 Apr, 2019

        Tilak launched the Indian Home Rule League in April 1916 at Belgaum.
        Annie Besant launched the Home Rule League in September 1916 at Madras.

          Aviral Sahu
          14 Apr, 2019

          Tilak founded the first home rule league at the Bombay provincial congress at Belgaum in April,1916. then after this Annie Besant founded second league at Adyar Madras in September 1916.

            jenifer goveas
            13 Apr, 2019

            Request the admins to please upload the answers again. Probably due to some technical error . thanks !

              Anjali Singh
              13 Apr, 2019

              Q.11 the options were not visible 🙁 (tebhaga movement)

                Sajal Singh
                14 Apr, 2019

                Please check it is already there.

                  13 Apr, 2019

                  What is wrong with civils daily… options are missing, options given as correct n explanation doesn’t match. It just shows their intent.

                    Atul Pandey
                    13 Apr, 2019

                    They change it to incorrect and decrease marks .i was scoring very less in previous tests and majority were on correct /incorrect issues so this time I decided to track if I really do such mistake and the question is indeed changed like question 9

                      Sajal Singh
                      14 Apr, 2019

                      Can you point out which questions have a problem.

                        Tarun wekagyossi
                        14 Apr, 2019

                        Sir kindly resolve this problem which we are facing.. we unable to open this test series through FEEDS which provided in CD App.
                        Becoming difficult to partcipate in test series

                          Amrutha TS
                          14 Apr, 2019

                          Is there any prelims compilation of all these questions?

                            Avinash Pakala
                            14 Apr, 2019

                            Q.no.20 —> 3rd statement is also wrong; as it is according to 1935 not 1919. Also i am not sure if it envisaged republics formation for both the countries or not [i.e., headed by crown ].

                              Er S
                              14 Apr, 2019

                              *Important – Q20. Incorrect has been asked.
                              The answer provided is right.

                                Kshitij Das
                                14 Apr, 2019

                                Annie Besant founded home rule league at Adyar Madras in September 1916

                                  Rahul Varma
                                  15 Apr, 2019

                                  Q9 – given answer is wrong, but solution is correct.
                                  please correct the answer to A. 1 and 3 only