The Art of Reading Newspaper & How Civilsdaily Got it Right



We started thinking about Civilsdaily sometime in early January. We were talking to a friend of ours who was appearing for the civil services examination this year and among other things, he was complaining about how hard it was to connect the news items together and understand a story in full.

A lot is lost among the clamour of opinions, open letters, discussion forums and what not and news starts becoming overwhelming! And that’s how we realised that the news is broken today.

We started by hand curating bits and pieces of important news items which were most relevant news for IAS Prep. Preparing current affairs for IAS Prep is no mean task.

We aggregated the best news dailies from India and abroad and pushed them in a simple, clutter free interface – The Civilsdaily Android App!


Look familiar? We bet they do! These and many more formed the part of the current affairs questions at the UPSC 2015 Paper I this year. We are not saying that a sincere student won’t be able to ace them all (given enough time and coverage), but imagine having them all in one place – handy for a quick revision while you wait in long queues or sleep through those boring lectures, wait for your code to compile in the office or that customary chai-sutta break!


What next?

If you are preparing for UPSC 2016 & beyond  There is no reason why you should miss even a single day @civilsdaily. While we understand that it’s not easy to remember all the news items, we do firmly believe that key point summaries + regular revisions will go a long way in making current affairs for IAS Prep easy for you!


For those looking forward to this year’s mains – Try and read all the News Stories that we have been making all this while.

  1. Working behind the scenes, all this while, we have been linking these Newscards into News Stories.
  2. It’s not good enough to read news daily – what is expected is build up a well grounded understanding of events & issues at hand. What do we mean?
  3. Think of the Yemen Crisis and imagine being able to link up Arab Spring – Shia/ Sunni conflict – US/ Iran deal and then India’s changing diplomacy in one single story @ Yemen Crisis. Sounds good, right?

All right then, it’s time to end this blog lest it becomes too didactic! Share your experiences – if you have been a seasoned exam taker, let us know your experiences.

Share this post! Let it reach as many students as it should. A community is only as strong as its members and we would love to break the UPSC Mains’ code as well!


PS: We have started bringing in independent mentors, guests and rankers at the CD Hub. The idea is to make concepts lucid and understanding easy!

PPS: If you have benefitted from our endeavours, please take some time and rate us at the Playstore. If you have already done that, won’t you be nicer still and tell us about civilsdaily at this question @Quora!

See you around!


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