Tips to Make Your Study Sessions Effective

If you are preparing for competitive exams, it is important to know what to study. But sometimes it becomes more important to know how to study. Just keeping yourself immersed in books might not work. You need to follow few good studying ethics to get meaningful results. Small changes in your habits can take you long way:

1. Never study for long stretches: Though you need to cover hell lot of syllabus, it is advisable to take small breaks in-between your study schedules. You should take a 5-10 minutes breather after every hour or so. This would break the monotony and you can concentrate more on studies (No whatsapp, no Fb or internet during the breaks)

2. Shutdown your social media profiles while studying: These things simple distract. Shut them down when you sit for studying

3. Have a study table & chair: While studying, sit on a chair which your back upright. This will keep you away from dozing off and it will also help you concentrate. Have a clean, soundless place for your daily studies.

4. Physical exercise: Include some sort of physical exercise in your schedule. An hour on daily physical exercise will help you concentrate for those 8-10 hours of study.

5. Concentration techniques: Try and learn few meditation techniques which will help increase your concentration (A separate article on this is posted soon)

6. Don’t eat too much: Have limited meals, (3-4 meals) per day. If you stuff yourself, you won’t be able to concentrate

7. Choose limited but good books: Don’t stuff yourself with endless list of books. Talk to your mentors, seniors, etc and choose only good reads. Read them more than ones but don’t but lots of books as they might frighten you and causes unnecessary fear.

You might choose to have a timetable as well but if you feel comfortable without a timetable, let it be. Don’t have very steep targets. Make small but achievable and realistic targets daily and achieve them without fail. This would increase your confidence which is the key to success in these exams.

Everyone has his/her own style of studying. These are few generic studying tips. Experiment with them and see what suits you and what don’t. Make your own path. Don’t blindly follow the toppers or mentors. Take their advice but make your own path. As Buddha said, ‘Be your own light (Aap Deepo bhav)’
Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors.

By Gaurav Mittal

Founder @ | Mentor, career guide for UPSC and other exams| MBA FMS Delhi

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