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“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure someone was cheering you on or showing the way. A mentor.”-Civilsdaily.

-Do You Know?

  • Every year, almost 15 Lakhs serious aspirants fill the form of UPSC-CSE.
  • Approximately, 90% of candidates sit for the exam.
  • Vacancy is announced between 700 and 800.

As per the above data, there is a chance of clearing for an aspirant is 0.00054% if he/she gives a try without the guidance of an experienced mentor. On the other hand, this chance% increases from 0.00053 to 80%, if CD’s core mentorship is registered.

Yes, the UPSC-CSE is one of the prestigious examinations in the country as well as worldwide. IAS stands for the INDIAN ADMINSTRATATIVE SERVICES examination and it is conducted every year by UPSC. If you dream to work for Indian administrative services and serve the nation, you should start your preparation way before while being in the college. Since college studies also need enough time, this becomes a challenge to prepare for the IAS examination as well.

You need to know how to prepare for the UPSC exam either without hampering your present job or without hampering the college course. This sounds pretty much tough though everything is possible with a proper plan and hard work. 

And to fulfill your dream of becoming an IAS or IPS, you will very much need a toppersmentor’s guidance. 

–CD’s On-demand Mentorship Program is acknowledged by the best newspaper.
Civilsdaily Hall Of Fame (Our Mentees)

Why do you need a mentor’s guidance?

  • How to understand & memorize the gigantic syllabus! Our toppers echoed hundreds of times that to understand the UPSC syllabus is to get your work half done. And without having a mentor, learn the same by heart infers to look for a needle in a haystack.
  • ‘Pattern Analysis’. UPSC is the most dynamic in nature. So, the most important step is to analyze the pattern of the exam. Find ‘Do’s & ‘Don’ts’. Here, also a mentor, only a mentor can show you the right direction.
  • There is a wide difference between the syllabi of the Preliminary and Main Exam, the nature of questions, and consequently, the preparation strategy needs to be well thought out.
  • How to take Mock Tests with a Pinch of Salt! How to read & revise PYQs. ‘What to read & what not to read’ all these aspects remain at a topper’s mentor’s fingertips.
  • After having passed from the phase of prelims, Thousands of aspirants are very much familiar with the butterflies in the stomach at this point. Knowing the unpredictability of this journey, many believe that only hard work can make them luckier. But shockingly, even after working with all their might, 90% of them remain very much clueless about their “strategy” being right or wrong. 
  • One of the musts is to choose the right sources for preparation. How to read newspapers example: “The Hindu’, etc. Best, authentic, minimum materials for UPSC-CSE Preparation are suggested by experienced mentors. 
  • And the last but not the least. ‘How to choose an optional subject’, ‘How to maintain time & stress’, ‘How to prepare current affairs’, Etc. only a mentor can give you the best suggestion along with a great piece of advice.

And we feel proud & satisfied that we have been mentoring thousands of UPSC aspirants who have already fulfilled their dreams of IAS, IPS, and so on.

Our dedicated mentorship has been acknowledged by the most UPSC prominent newspaper ‘The Hindu’.

What to do!

Civilsdaily’s mentors are highly qualified, with at least 3+ years of mentorship experience and two UPSC-CSE Interviews under their belts. They are well-versed in the many stages of preparation. These mentors will assist you in developing both a comprehensive and micro schedule. They’ll put together a weekly program for you, complete with mentorship calls. This schedule will be created based on a thorough examination of the importance of subjects as well as the interconnection of topics to make it easier for students to grasp the material.

Do join us if you have made up your mind about clearing UPSC-CSE on your very 1st attempt.

This is what our students say about our Allround Core Mentorship…

Wish You All The Best.

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