Toppers Testimonials | Abhilash Mishra | AIR-5 CSE 2016


Rank in CSE-2016

Number of attempts (include present one)


Medium (English/Hindi)


Optional Subject


Prelims Strategy:

Keep all your data handy. Briefly have facts and recent developments with you. Notes are not very important in prelims.  

Preferred books:

Basic books.

Views about importance of Test series:

Extremely important.

What to focus on for Mains Prep?

Presenting answers is a great challenge. Use flowcharts etc. use a good framework. Don’t overdo diagrams or flowcharts. Also, capitals in a larger font size can be used.  If not through with optional then give more time to optionl than GS.

Tips for students:

Be thorough with the optional. Give equal marks to all subjects as all carry equal marks.

Point to be noted:

Be regular with newspapers and current affairs won’t be a problem.

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