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Prelims Strategy: 

Strategy for prelims be making questions for yourself. While reading any material, the students should try to figure out what possible questions can come from it. This helps in better preparation and also the person may get similar questions in the exam.

Preferred books:

The standard material.

Views about importance of Test series:

The more you practice the better it is.

What to focus on for Mains Prep?

  1. Making handwritten notes is very important. Even while reading a newspaper jot down all the important points.
  2. In jotting the important aspect is to keep it to 200 words. This makes the quality of the answers better and makes learning easy.
  3. For general studies the key is not to mug up but to get the concept. Clarity of concepts in this subject is extremely important.
  4. In history, test papers of any coaching and all the other available test series in the market, read the questions and their answers and from there he made his make notes. This makes it clear that which topics are important and even if same questions don’t come, the questions will surround same topics.

Tips for students: 

Here are the three important tips-: 

  1. The first thing is focus on was ‘planning’. It is very important to have a proper day plan, he had his plan of next four months. This is important because IAS preparation takes one full year and if one doesn’t have a scheduled plan then there are chances of getting diverted. Also, the plan should be pragmatic not idealistic. Keep buffer zones in planning so as to cover up anything couldn’t be done because of non-compliance of his plan.
  2. Secondly, he advises not to get demotivated. The only way to ‘not’ get demotivated is enjoying this process of learning. If one starts to enjoy it then demotivation will keep at bay.
  3. Thirdly, get into the habit of reading fast. This helps in covering more syllabus in lesser time and gives you an edge over other aspirants. I took four days to read a magazine and when he read it for the first time but eventually the reading got faster and I took 3-4 hours to cover that magazine.

Points to be noted:

  • The difference between the preparation for prelims and mains is that for prelims you need to have broad coverage of current affairs while in mains the analysis of current affairs is more important than broad coverage.
    • While taking exams one should take calculated risk. Distinguishing between what to study and what not to study is of immense importance which comes from taking tests.
    • Lastly, presentation has to be given special emphasis as it fetches you extra marks. Make it easy for the evaluator.


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